Best Day Trips in Andalusia

While staying at our houses, would you like to throw in a day or 2 of city sightseeing, culture, history and time travel? We‘ve got good news for you, there are several possibilities to make a day trip to some of the most beautiful spots in Andalusia like Cordoba, Almeria, Ubeda and the Alpujarra from our houses as starting point. You will come across several eras of architecture, dive through different aspects of religions and cultures and fill your mind with unforgettable views. Here below is a map of MUST DO DAY TRIPS in Andalusia around Casas Mundo sol y Luna. WARNING: you might want to extend your stay with us to get it all off your bucket list. You won't regret a single day.

Here some facts about our favorite Day trips



Big City Lights - International vibes, great museums and fine restaurants within a Mediterranean city setting.


White Villages in the Mountains - Arts & Craft, Organic food and hiking paths through Moorish history.


The Rich & The Beautiful - A journey through a coastal postcard setting with cute streets to get lost and wander around.


Oldest Human Settlements in Spain - From Stone Age to Islamic culture over Renaissance & Baroque, very prominent Caves.


Rocky lakeside village - Surrounded by the largest water reservoir in Andalusia with a beach to relax.


Historic Setting with sea view - a fortress, a cathedral enchanted with a maghrebian Flair.


The only round church in all of Spain - A beautiful village full of history and with breathtaking views on the rocks.


World Heritage site towns - Fine examples of all the grandeur of the Renaissance in Andalusia in the 16th & 17th centuries.


The Bridging Town - A charming old town with impressive architecture to wonder around & over to get the big picture.


Wild Wild West - You can come across Fata Morganas, Cowboys and Snakes, some of them might be actors and requisites.


Between Empires & Influences - The beautiful Mezquita & other moorish architectural masterpieces.


World Capital of Olive Oil - Its prominent Cathedral was built to shelter the relic of the Holy Face.


Natural Park at the edge of the world - Worth the drive and walk along the hiking trails and endless beaches.